Le rôle des municipalités dans le développement et l’épanouissement des minorités francophones


  • Michelle Landry Département de sociologie et de criminologie, Université de Moncton
  • Zacharie Collins


Local governments, Francophones, Municipalities, Linguistic minorities


This study examines the role of municipalities in the development and vitality of Francophone minority communities.
The municipality can be of particular importance to Francophones in minority settings given the growing role of municipalities in cultural, recreational and socio-economic areas, as well as the fact that local government is the only level of government where Francophones outside Quebec may form the majority or represent a significant demographic weight. This paper reports on the main findings of a survey of municipalities across the country with a Francophone population of 6% or more or member of a Francophone or bilingual association. The results focus on practices, as well as some of the factors explaining them, around the themes of Francophone weight and power, language status, languages of communication, languages of service and Francophone spaces, and public recognition.