Geographies of Belonging: Socio-Spatial Inequalities in Calgary, Alberta


  • Aimee Benoit University of Lethbridge
  • Ivan J. Townshend University of Lethbridge
  • Tom Johnston University of Lethbridge
  • Jan Newberry


Belonging, Calgary neighbourhoods (Alberta), Socio-spatial inequality, Income polarization


Cities across North America have seen growing socio-spatial inequalities and income polarization since the 1980s, related to neoliberal policy and economic environments. Drawing on concepts of belonging, this paper uses case studies of diverse Calgary neighbourhoods to explore how participants experience and negotiate socio-spatial inequalities in their everyday lives and routine spaces. Thematic analysis of in-depth qualitative interviews and participatory maps underscored that neighbourhoods are highly dynamic socio-spatial constructions with complex geographies of both encounter and difference. The study offers insights for research and policy within urban contexts to promote neighbourhoods as more inclusive places of belonging.